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Lentikats Biotechnology develops, manufactures and distributes industrial applications of a revolutionary biotechnology that can be applied in number of industries, including pharmaceutical, bio-fuels, food, and wastewater. Lentikat's unique immobilization technology is able to encapsulate almost any kind of biomass (enzymes, bacteria, yeast, etc.) in its various forms. Such biocatalysts are currently used as processing aids, incorporated into final products and used in manufacturing biotransformations & biocatalysis.

Lentikat's novel patented technology is based on the  immobilization of microorganisms and enzymes in a plastic porous matrix made from polyvinylalcohol (PVA). This material has excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, which provide for long-term mechanical stability of the matrix. Besides, PVA is hardly biodegradable and has zero toxicity. The matrix has high capacity for cell loading and very low diffusion limitations. It is easily separable from the reaction mixture. Due to the high concentration of microorganisms or enzymes in the matrix and consequent high reaction rate, a biotechnological process can be shortened by up to 10 times, resulting in reduced volumes, lower consumption of energy and higher efficiency. It is also easily added to existing processes.

In 2006, Lentikats began to promote its revolutionary technology in various industrial applications all over the world. Today, Lentikats Biotechnology has partnered globally with renowned companies and is involved in a number of scientific and research projects with leading universities. Protected and patented in dozens of countries worldwide, Lentikats Biotechnology is proud to be the first immobilization technology Company here in North America. Lentikats Biotechnology looks forward to helping meet your Company's goals for improved process economics and production efficiency.

For more information about our North American activities please email Monica Odenwald, monica@advancedproductlabs.com


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